Artificial intelligence is proving to become a real game-changer in the world of finance and investment. An AI system can efficiently examine and analyze millions and billions of data points, to find patterns and trends that people may miss. These analytics can also be used to predict future patterns. Artificial Intelligence, along with natural language processing, can even be used to create conversational trees that let customers converse and perform specific actions. Here are a few more applications of AI in the field of finance and investment. 


With AI technology, it is easier to manage procedures and tasks like comprehending new rules and regulations or creating personalized financial reports for individuals. Wealth managers can also use AI to generate better status reports for their clients. This will allow them to provide tailor-made advice to a higher number of clients. Not just that, they can do it faster and with better accuracy to present the information in a way that is easier to understand and compute. AI is also allowing bankers to make loan decisions in seconds, saving them months worth of time in assessing risks and spending patterns. AI can procure results by just looking at alternative sources of data. These sources can include payment history of rent and utilities. With automation, bankers can reduce their risk of default loans, and also improve customer experience by reducing the number of abandoned applications from frustrated borrowers who are tired of the long process.

Reporting and Analysis

Do you remember standing in the queues to merely inquire about the balance of your account? This was before the technology intervened and brought banking and managing finances on your fingertips. The banking applications are powered by AI and can easily analyze consumers’ individual account data to see what they have, how they’re performing financially. These applications are capable of providing suggestions based on the finances of that individual. The recommendations on future actions based on the results, and then help with automation for savings and budgeting for better financial health and behaviour. In the finance and investment industry, AI is actively used to examine cash accounts, credit accounts, and investment accounts to look at the applicants overall financial health. This has to be at par with real-time changes and then creating customized advice based on new incoming data. 

Data Enrichment

This is an important part of financial management. Financial institutions and consumers can benefit from machine learning tools and AI. The method of turning complicated data into easy-to-read information, helps both banks and customers to understand where they spent their money and with whom. This data segregation helps in reducing customer service calls to a minimum, saving you a lot of trouble and manpower. The fraud research costs are also minimized because the customers can easily tell about their purchases. Fraud detection reduces the number of people calling about mystery charges on their credit card bill. As they are aware of what those charges are. Fewer calls mean less fraud research, which reduces costs. Most importantly, these clear descriptions help developers put financial data into context so they can more easily categorize and analyze purchases. This helps with things like budgeting, analyzing spending habits, credit scoring and being able to predict future earning and spending issues.

Predictive Suggest: 

When it comes to financial advice, many consumers want some help when it comes to personal finance advice. Consumers are expecting to be warned and reminded of important information about their own financial data. They don’t want to hear about the issues afterwards. They want to be advised when they should and shouldn’t make purchases, not be sent an alert when they’ve accidentally overdrawn their accounts. There are tools that use AI and machine learning for predictive analytics. It helps users make smart decisions based on their financial picture at the moment. 

AI is successfully replacing human decision-making with more sophisticated technologies and is built to learn continuously and improve over time. Galaktic helps in analyzing, interpreting, and writing text by using context-aware Natural Language Processing with AI. The sophisticated search functionality leverages consumer insights to find and track relevant information and provide accurate search results. User data also acts as a catalyst in driving profits in financial services. Here, AI becomes a key factor by adding consumer insights to the core of the business models and successfully scaling it to achieve significant performance gains. For more information visit