AI is on OTT Watch-list

The ever-growing need for content consumption has given birth to several OTT platforms. The exponential growth these platforms have observed alongside the recognition compels them to deliver an excellent user experience. The search queries, results, and proposals play an enormous part in gaining loyal customers. The viewer’s ability to look and find out similar ‘things’ may appear to be dwindling. The emergence of over-the-top (OTT) video services, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, and many more have greatly enhanced the number and therefore the quality of obtainable content via one-click or recommendations. Besides the global names, there are many homegrown platforms like Ullu, Zee5, and Arha Media. 

However, with such a varied range of media sources and content suppliers, from traditional broadcasters and platforms to new entrant OTT providers. With so many options available, discovery and search are more important than ever before to assist consumers to access the content that suits them best. Yet, search today tends to be either broad but of dubious quality or narrow but of limited scope.

Each platform operator (including broadcaster catch-up services) will offer sophisticated search across their content domain but they rarely link to other content sources, meaning that a universal search relies on third parties. This is where Galaktic comes in to deliver a compelling search function, we understand what area the viewer is in, also with the subscription details at disposal, each content provider allows external search of their catalogues by subscriber ID. Galaktic works on personalized notification based on consumer behaviour.  

In summary, viewer and provider interests aren’t always fully aligned when it involves search. the talk then turns to what’s preventing this functionality at the present. An argument may exist that enabling such cross-service functionality could risk cannibalising pay TV operators’ service offerings. 

The set-top also plays a crucial role because of the differentiator of content providers. With an identical content choice available across different pay TV platforms (and likewise, similar pricing structures), the user experience is the most critical differentiator. Set-tops, consoles, and connected TVs are all vying for viewership. An efficient cross-platform discovery function might be central thereto user experience.

According to a report, by the top of 2019, about 182.5 million people within the US will view content via OTT services. This represents quite 50% of the US population and provides huge business opportunities for OTT service providers. However, with the rise in competition, it’s become difficult for players to take care of their relevance within the market. Even the large players aren’t bound to maintain their market share if they can’t stand out from their competitors. Additionally, to provide engaging and entertaining content which is the core of OTT service, businesses can leverage advanced technologies like AI for OTT streaming, providing recommendations to users, and data-gathering purposes to stay their audiences from straying away. Here’s how AI can help OTT platforms overcome the challenges faced by them and help in maintaining their user base or maybe repose on it.

Video Playback Services

The data speeds have increased within the past few years, but so has the video quality of web pages on OTT platforms. This will cause tons of buffering issues which will potentially drive subscribers away. Thus, finding an answer for the video buffering problem becomes imperative. The AI system can intelligently determine the video quality by counting on the network quality. It can intelligently switch between different video quality without affecting the user experience to an excellent deal. AI also can learn over time the well-liked video quality of the user and automatically switch thereto whenever the user plays any video content.

Providing Customized Content

Have you ever searched based on your preference like “movies of the 90’s”, or “Shahrukh Khan Movies”, and “Hindi Movies”? People are more likely to observe shows almost like their interests. OTT platforms can provide better services to their users if they need a far better understanding of their choices. With AI solutions OTT providers can study user preferences, the shows they like, the shows they hate, and therefore the amount of your time spent on their platform. With such insights, businesses can recommend other shows almost like the user’s liking. they will even analyze changes in user behavior with changes within the storyline of the show through their watching patterns. If the viewership drops due to a change within the plotline or character, the producers can make changes accordingly.

Parting Thoughts:

AI already sees wide applications within the entertainment and media industry, and its use is often extended further to OTT platforms. With the utilization of AI for OTT, businesses can get a far better understanding of their customers. AI will still learn and evolve with advancements in technology. This will help businesses survive, if not surpass others within the OTT platform war. 

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