The intelligence of your website is dependent on the visitor’s shopping experience. Your priority should be to take your site’s shopping experience to the next level and work on building customer loyalty. It is fairly simple and easy, all you have to do is create an experience for your visitors which is deeply rooted in providing value. 

According to Satista, in 2021, more than 2.14 billion people worldwide will buy goods and services online.  This number will jump from 1.66 billion global digital buyers in 2016. As the bigger brands compete to win over consumers and stay far ahead of the curve, it can be overwhelming for both shoppers and vendors. As a result of this exponentially increasing competition, the customers are used to a new level of expectation. It is irrespective of their realization and their need to be served well. This implies for every brand they engage or shop with. The consumers want everything, from exceptional and top grade customer service to flexible payment options. These high expectations are just the tip of the iceberg.  

As a response to these increasing demands of the consumers, the merchants are doing all they can to stand out from the crowd. They are reciprocating to the need of the consumers, ensuring that it keeps them coming back. Where does all this start? by elevating the shopping experience.

Isn’t that the ultimate goal? Not just to sell products but making sure that your shoppers are enjoying your website, and even when they just want to window shop or browse items, they prefer your website, because it is all so simple and engaging. 

Let’s take a look at how merchants can leverage the content search feature and add more value to the shopping experience of their customers. There are many ways to elevate the shopping experience and add value. 

The function of a content search feature is to take a search query and deliver relevant content, specific to the expectation of the search phrase. Let’s take the example of a customer who is looking for a new security system. They could type in “camera” or “biometric lock” in the search bar and see the listings of the products that match their requirement along with other informative content that provides them with all the necessary details and descriptions. This portrays your website as an expert on the product with technical specifications and user manuals. 

If your visitors have the content support that helps them decide what to buy. For example, descriptive blog posts that help in determining the type of smartphone they need, this type of content propels the visitor and converts them into shoppers. The content influence helps at various stages of the buyer’s shopping journey but it is especially helpful to customers in the consideration phase. They are highly indecisive in this phase and can easily quit their search if not guided properly.  

The non-product content present on your website can also be equally helpful. This can help the visitors, who may be new to shopping for a particular item or may feel overwhelmed by all the options at their disposal. The content search feature can simplify this entire process and make it easy for merchants to engage with their customers on a  deeper level. The merchants can even equip their shoppers to help them in their shopping journey. 

Let’s understand a few more ways the content search feature can help the vendors: 

Raise the product recommendations by providing non-product content. Amalgamating the shopping experience with highly personalized recommendations based on data like shopping behavior, purchase history and patterns. 

Let’s understand the non-product content better with an example. If a consumer searches for wellness products like a ‘dry shampoo’, the results are exactly what they expect, the product listings and deals. But imagine, if they get pointers like ‘Ways to Use Dry Shampoo’ . This type of content helps the customers discover products while educating them on how best to use them.


The content search feature is as important as the content on the website. What is the use of providing an ocean of content if it is not displayed at the right time? Or vice versa. The non-product content can help you in influencing the shoppers in the right manner. You have to include content discovery methods in your business strategy and understand its importance. Just uploading an inventory of products won’t do any service to your visitors. The organised, easily accessible and searchable option will aid them when they are lost on the listing page and need assistance. If you are looking for a content discovery partner, Galaktic can help your online business and your shoppers. Visit for more information.