On-site Customer Journey

The on-site search analytics is a gold mine of customer insights that intelligent businesses are using to improve their website experience. The data your website generates once a user is browsing content has a huge potential to make your business future-proof. You can anticipate the interest of the visitor and provide a highly personalized experience. On-site search customer journey data is capable of adding value and a unique source of information as you know exactly what to showcase to motivate the user. 

How to optimize zero results:

It may be discouraging to see no results initially on the reports, but you have to stay put for increased conversion. Customer journey helps you to optimize on every visitor’s behaviour. If you choose to deploy a sophisticated on-site search solution, you even maximize on the opportunity to convert every negative experience into future results. Think of it like this, every conversion helps you with the do’s whereas every non-conversion helps you with the don’ts. If you decide to keep an eye on commonly recurring zero-result terms, products, queries, you will have a clear idea of customer expectations and your website will learn how to assume the top selling products or services. 

As well as giving you insight into the overall impression your brand is making, if there’s enough interest in a specific product, you might want to consider changing your buying practices to include it.

More beyond “best”

The on-site customer behaviour analytics can also help you bucketize in what to keep at the showcase and how to refrain from producing unfruitful results. This can be done once you know the right interests of the visitors. Don’t just rely on the sales of your star product/ service. You may also find many products/ services which are highly searched but not bought. This will help you strategize in understanding the pain points and acting accordingly. You have to ensure not to send any customer empty handed with zero relevant results by identifying their behaviour pattern and prompting the correct actionables. 

Know what’s trending 

Being ‘with the times’ is extremely crucial if you want to stand out amongst your competition. The calendar is filled with seasonal activities and festive opportunities. As many of the key dates remain the same, you have ample of time and space to create seasonal offers and add-ons based on the on-site search data of previous transactions. You already know what your visitors searched last year and what has been the top trends this year, you can combine the two and voila, you have their interest to assist them. You learn how to leverage intelligent analytics to choose the right thing that will sell. It is paramount that you continuously improve your accuracy as your user base increases. Your previous user’s journey will pave the way for your new users, enhancing their website experience.    

Keyword Is King! 

The backbone of on-site search data is keywords. In the website ecosystem, the keyword can act as a catalyst. You can easily identify patterns and products based on their keywords that perform better than others. Think of it like this, keywords tell you what is popular and what is oblivious. You can reverse engineer these keywords back to user type and grow your conversions. This is where sites use “people who searched for this also searched for…”, “If you watched this, you will also love…”, helping users make better choices by providing less confusing options. 

Details Within Search Queries

The on-site search data provides more than “general” interests, a deconstruction of their website experience. This journey often starts with the search query. If your visitors search for specific things like brands, types, and more, you can easily produce specific results that match their query. But what about the less decisive user? Their search queries are vague and often incomplete with spell errors. This is where the attribute-focused keywords i.e. color, size, cost, and more will help you guide towards better results. You ensure to add adequate details in the product description to map these search queries and keywords. Even if the visitor uses excessive filters, you will still have a proportional response to their search terms. 


The aim to use the on-site consumer journey is to create a personalized experience for consumers. If they buy from you, you can use the generated data to convert more users, if they don’t you can use their data to mitigate their non-shopping experience. Galaktic helps you with power-packed analytics that would otherwise go unnoticed. The Galaktic suite ensures to help build stronger, more profitable inventories, backed by the invaluable data provided by on-site search analytics. If you want to know more about Galaktic features, then visit our website www.galaktic.co for a free personalized demo.