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How Geo-search improves search and discovery?

The relevance of search results is most important for delivering a rewarding search journey that feels like it was made specifically for the visitor. The current user is searching from many different devices with different obstacles. It is paramount to… Continue Reading →

What are your search functionality benefits?

Enterprise site search is the resource for enabling all content easily searchable for your targeted audience. These available resources are converted into accessible content for users. Irrespective of the size of your website, there are many benefits of enterprise search… Continue Reading →

How on-site search can help build a brand reputation of your E-commerce brand

The on site search is a gateway to offer powerful opportunities that provides strength to your brand and builds a reputation. The shoppers have many options to choose from, everyday they are bombarded with hundreds of ads and offers. This… Continue Reading →

Driving higher conversion rates with Personalization

For many companies personalization is the factor driving their sales. Shoppers are always more responsive to the marketing that aims at their interests and purchase patterns. Using personalization in your online business can be the best way to build a… Continue Reading →

How Search is helping business teams to increase sales?

The testing techniques to attain and retain consumers through strong data support and customer service is important for companies to strategize and measure the results. Even after doing so, many businesses do not pay attention to a powerful tool, the… Continue Reading →

Should You Build or Buy Your Search Functionality?

If you have a website and you are looking to enhance its search function, you have two options: to build internal AI-powered search tools from scratch or outsource it from a search provider. There are challenges with both the options,… Continue Reading →

Galaktic Search; providing solutions for businesses across all spheres

The growing advantages of AI is helping industries to evolve. Self-learning and automation are becoming the key factors to learn from the enormous amount of user data available. ‘Learning’ is not limited to performing predefined tasks, it is now used… Continue Reading →

Galaktic Search AI Recommender, automation to power your business forward

The AI powered recommendation system suggests products, services, and information to users based on analysis of data. The recommendation can be derived from multiple factors such as the history of the user and the behaviour of similar visitors. AI-driven solutions… Continue Reading →

Galaktic’s ‘Intelligent Site search’, powered by consumer insights is changing the search engine landscape.

Saas based Galaktic’s Site Search is an extensive search system that provides the means to search both structured and unstructured data. It addresses the needs of businesses to analyze, predict, and filter information of all kinds. Site search is a… Continue Reading →

Galaktic Search’s “Predictive Suggest”, a must-have for an enriching search experience.

The SaaS offering’s feature that predicts and suggests the word or phrase as it is being entered by the user with the help of AI-based suggestions.  AI is improving the ability to produce convincing suggestions. The key for a great… Continue Reading →

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