Looking for ways to engage and re-engage users? We are sure you have already tried multiple marketing tactics to reach your consumers. Whilst trying your options, have you considered personalized notifications and the impact it can create for your user base?

Personalized notifications are a quick and efficient way to engage and communicate with your audience. You have versatile ways like SMS, Email, Push Messages, and Notifications to reach visitors. If you are wondering as to why these notifications are powerful, we have enlisted a few advantages of personalized notifications for you:   

Accelerate visitor engagement

Personalized notifications have the power to gain the user’s attention with important touchpoints. You can send real-time reminders and updates to your visitors for catching their attention even if they are not aware of your website or brand. Users like receiving personalized notifications as it saves them a lot of time and hassle to visit and browse a website or an application. These notifications allow you to keep in touch with your users in a non-intrusive way. You can send messages based on the relevancy of the offers and discounts provided that are specifically made for them. This can also help you attract user attention to the new features and offers. 

Retain users

There are many apps that users download but not actively use. You can use personalized notifications to remind them about the benefits of your services and products. Personalized notifications are a good way to turn these inactive users into active users. The retention rate for users who choose to get notifications is much higher on average. Through these notification messages, you can easily provide your users with the exact communication they are looking for. All you have to keep in mind is to add value to their interest. 

Increase conversions

Marketing messages like emails, push notifications and SMS can also help you increase your conversion rate. This is due to the sense of urgency that these messages create. If you have limited offers or high discounts, you can easily trigger them to act rather than wait for the users to visit and check out on your website. Similarly, if you have a listing or an OTT platform, sending users notifications about new and exciting features can help to retain them. 

Focused segmentation:

It is not just about sending the right message to the users, it is also about sending the right message to the right users. This is where analytics plays a major role. You can use details like their location, user behavior, interests, and pattern to send them focused marketing communication. This is how you use their behavior and location to identify and capitalise. You can become highly relevant, as the users believe that you know exactly what they are looking for. Netflix recommends regional language movies based on the device’s location. This helps them in increasing their click through rate. Similarly, Netflix also sends push messages to users who may be interested in one show, like “New Season Of The Crown Now Streaming” but at the same time, it sends alerts to other users about Game Of Thrones, based on their previous content. 

Quantifying results

An additional benefit is the ability to map stats and use them for creating a better experience. You can do packetization of users based on delivery receipts, open rates, time spent, and more. You can access valuable insights like click-through rate to see which type of messages is performing better. This helps you in strategizing and launching campaigns that benefit you.  

Building a brand

If you are ensuring that the last-minute deals, special offers, and coupon codes are reaching the right users, you create a brand experience for them, They start getting used to relying on your messages and notifications. This comes like a complimentary service. 

Customer journey in one tap

Your notifications help many visitors to access content, use services, buy products in one tap and click. This helps users to make a beeline for the checkout cart, rather than bombarding them with options that may confuse them.


Mobile personalised notifications are a win-win for both the user and the provider. If you succeed in sending structured relevant messages which are correctly timed, it can help you grow your business and retain most users. If you are looking for all encompassing personalized notification services, then Galaktic is the right business partner for you. Interested in our services, then reach out to us for a personalized demo at hello@galaktic.co