On-site Search

The constant shifts in the industry are getting difficult to keep up? We’ll help you walk through the important considerations, as you move towards approaching the on-site search for your enterprise. There are many benefits of a sophisticated search solution, but you may need to look over the following things to ensure that the site search function is adding value to your business: 

  • Deriving what kind of solutions in your price bracket will bring the widest range of benefits?
  • The various procedures and steps that are needed to get started. These steps will take how much time by your provider? And will it help you save in the long run?
  • How to justify your choice of technology in today’s economy for the future of your business. 

Your site is ready with the search function, but you are unsure what to look for in the provider? These are some basic questions you need to consider before you opt-out a search partner/ provider. Here are the basic criteria you can establish: 

  • The search should offer a satisfactory solution. 
  • From the many benefits of site search, the important one is to meet the needs of the modern consumer and help in boosting conversion. 
  • The search should provide a sophisticated and refined solution to all the search queries. 

It is difficult to choose a search provider with so many available options. In this blog, we will demonstrate some factors you can weigh in before you make any calls for a demo. 

Will the site-search quotient be sufficient for your requirement? 

It is possible that you haven’t used a complex site-search function before. You may also be thinking that your online business is in desperate need to improve. In that case, You will need some convincing evidence that your chosen upgrade will deliver some authentic benefits. 

The site search feature has proven to be an essential element of modern online retail. Galaktic’s powerful automation and machine learning capabilities are proven to be ROI-efficient. This helps us in becoming a strong contender for any retailer looking to capitalize on the potential and profitability of on-site search.

You can make a small comparison between price points against capabilities. You may be inclined to choose your budget provider, but in the long run, you would want a partner who can keep up with the pace of your business, growing exponentially and effortlessly alongside you.

You need to investigate all the integrations your tech partners provide. Each option at your disposal should work alongside your business goals. Your site search should not only improve the user experience but also help you to make better choices for your business based on search data. You have to know what analytics are provided and contemplate how this could be applied to drive more sales.

Do you have to think ahead about how future proof is your choice? In the current e-commerce world, redoing your entire platform with basic amenities is often a necessity. You may be considering that you’ll make these changes in the near future, but by delaying you are losing potential profits. Ensure that the on-site search partner will be by your side for the long haul.

Galaktic integrates seamlessly with all platforms, so you never have to worry about losing the benefits your store gains. All the information that you have stored about your customer base can be safely transferred to your new platform and put to use instantly. 

You should ask more questions about the road-map and the detailed plan that your search provider has in mind for your business specifically. The e-commerce industry won’t stand still, so your search partners should be continuously innovating to offer your customers an improving experience.

It may be important for you to get new technology that will fit into your existing budgeting plans, but along with that you should also be looking at long term ROI. 

How much time will the process take? 

In these challenging and ever-changing times, you might feel like you already have your hands full with other projects, and this additional integration will place excessive demands on a team at full capacity. It is important to question what is the length of your expectations in terms of the effort required to install, set up and maintain your solution. You may even want to consider the option to “build your own” solutions, but you can read about the challenges with it in this blog. 


As a retailer, you have many options to choose from, but you have to ensure that whatever choice you make helps your business and aligns with your goals. Your search partner should cater to all your business needs and provide you with a solution that is tailor-made for your business.