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Ecommerce & Retail

With 80% of user interactions managed by AI today, the recommendation technology is driving e-commerce conversions while greatly enhancing user experience. Intelligence can maximize profits by powering Personalized Product Recommendation and Price Optimization. The additional advantages can be Customer Service Optimization, Product Search, Demand Forecasting, and Customer Journey Path Identification. Galaktic provides retailers a possibility to influence shoppers and anticipate future purchases. The powerful AI and ML-based services enable e-commerce and retail channels to make online stores highly efficient.


We are witnessing major developments in the EdTech sector where AI is being used to revolutionize the way students approach learning. Students have tons of amazing opportunities and options to choose from in terms of universities, curriculum, etc. Nevertheless, this plethora of options can soon turn daunting for learners. With so much to choose from, learners can get more than a little confused in picking the right course, college, career path, etc. However, there is an answer. Learners of today no longer have to make an appointment, stand in queues, and spend the whole day at one institution, just to find out whether it’s the right fit for them. Thanks to AI, they can simply go online and find what they’re looking for.


Galaktic can provide intelligent prediction to aid diagnosis. With AI-powered analysis of visual medical data, it can help in building a highly capable AI interface which can detect ailments based on symptoms. This can enable the healthcare industry to sprint through high-volume screening processes. The analysis ecosystem can upgrade automatically with digitisation. We aim at providing high-quality insights and interactive solutions. AI can improve speed, accuracy and consistency of diagnosis. Medical institutions will be able to serve more patients, with a significant reduction in human errors.

Real Estate

As the real-estate listings and websites become popular and highly searchable online, AI is helping buyers with streamlined search results. Galaktic allows your prospective buyers to narrow their search with a list of intuitive criteria such as location, number of bedrooms, cost and many value added differentiators. The AI-powered search results identify the user's preferences and persona to help them select properties based on data-driven insights. This helps you to enlist the best-fitting results at the top of the user's search results, therefore increasing conversion along with highly personalized notifications to gauge the interest of visitors.


AI is successfully replacing human decision-making with more sophisticated technologies and is built to learn continuously and improve over time. Galaktic helps in analyzing, interpreting, and writing text by using context-aware Natural Language Processing with AI. The sophisticated search functionality leverages consumer insights to find and track relevant information and provide accurate search results. User data also acts as a catalyst in driving profits in financial services. Here, AI becomes a key factor by adding consumer insights to the core of the business models and successfully scaling it to achieve significant performance gains.

Entertainment & Media

The frequent use of advanced data insights powered by AI allows the entertainment and media industry to understand and create high-value content for viewers by presenting results that are relevant. Galaktic unlocks the full potential through data organization. The media and entertainment sectors are used to dealing with data like TRPs, subscription numbers, and more. But creating data-driven decisions is no longer just analyzing past data. The focus is on high-quality predictions based on real-time input from all data sources across the organization. The AI-based interactive and smart content can convert simpler content recommendation systems to an entire AI-driven personalized content experience.

News & Broadcast

Searching relevant content through archives and large libraries can be a tedious task. AI takes metadata marking to another level and helps in the classification of content. The processing system can increase both the speed of searches and the accuracy of the search response. The general use for AI is in content creation and delivery. Galaktic enables content discovery and content personalization on viewer-centric websites and aims to deliver personalized and targeted experience. The key is to keep audiences engaged by displaying curated content based on user information, preferences, watch history, and context.