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Taglr Technologies Pvt. Ltd (referred as "We" here onward)and it's affiliates is/are concerned about the privacy of the information, data, and personal details of the users accessing, buying, or selling any product or service on Taglr's website or mobile app. This policy is designed to help "You" understand how we use, store, process, and transfer any of your information during your visit to or while using the Taglr App.
This privacy policy is applicable to website and Taglr app for handheld device.

What does this Privacy Policy covers?

This policy has been designed to help you understand:

  • The information and data that you share with us.
  • The purpose of our collection and storing of your data.
  • Safety of the information shared with us.
  • How and why the information is shared.

Information Collected & Stored

When you access Taglr's website or mobile app as a registered user or otherwise to avail any of the services or products available with us, the information collected by us includes:

  • Personal Information: name, age, gender, address, email, telephone number, date of birth, financial information, or any other sensitive information that might be required during the availing of any service or product offered by us
  • Non-Personal Information: IP Address, geographical location, system details like OS, browser version, ISP etc.

In addition, we may also get "Your" information from third party apps and websites like social media, in such cases we may get additional information like your username or any other information that the social media platform has the right to share with us. When you are using Taglr with your social media accounts you are authorizing Taglr to collect, use, or retain any such information in accordance of this policy.

Purpose Of Information Collection:

Simply put, all the information we collect is used primarily only to enhance your shopping service and provide better services to you. In addition, the information collected by us will be used for:

  • Update you on our products and services.
  • Help you with your queries or resolve your concerns related to any product or service offered on or by us.
  • Contact you regarding our marketing communications and keep you posted on all the latest changes on our platform and services.
  • Review website/app performance by doing data analysis to enhance the overall experience for you.
  • Protect the integrity and decorum of our website/app.
  • To keep you updated on any change in this policy or inclusion of any new one.

How and why the information is shared?

All the information shared with us is handled with utmost responsibility and is only shared/disclosed depending upon the type of service or product you are availing with us. Your information with great safety may be shared by our:

  • Vendors
  • Dealers
  • Channel partners
  • Or any other third parties ("other entities")

in case you are availing any product or service from them. The information is only shared to enhance your overall experience with us.

For any financial transactions, we use third party credit/debit card processing payment gateways. However, the safety and security of any of your information shared with any such third party merchants solely lies in the hands of the respective merchants and under no circumstances we shall be accountable for any delay or failure in their processing.

Additionally, we also reserve the rights to share your information with any Government Agency or authorized law enforcement agencies (LEAs) mandated under law for the sole purpose of verification, investigation, or detection in case of, but not limited to any cyber incidents, punishments, or prosecution.

By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, "You" are giving "Us" your consent on using the information we collected as described in this policy.