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Optimize User Behaviour With Action Based Recommendations

Actions like clicks, time spent on a page, or adding products to cart all reveal the interests of your visitors. Leverage this feature to deliver recommendations based on visitor actions.

Identify And Leverage Patterns With Audience Based Recommendations

Our AI delivers recommendations based on audience buckets with similar action and interest patterns. This feature automatically works to identify similar audiences and make insightful recommendations.

Seize Consumer Interest With Demographic Based Recommendations

Make the most of your data from location, gender, age or device to deliver related recommendations. Works great to engage new visitors.

Increase Engagement With Similarity Based Recommendations

Our AI makes recommendations to your visitors based on the similarity of results they have already viewed. Keep visitors engaged by recommending more of what they love.

Use proactive and In-Depth Analytics of Recommendations

Capture and reconcile consumer identifiers and behavior to provide contextually relevant, and real-time experiences for every search query.