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Boost Custom Results

With a few simple configurations, our team of developers will help you customise the way you boost results based on your unique business needs.

Boost Sponsored Results

Showcase your top promotions by boosting sponsored or on-sale products.

Boost Trending Results

Highlight your trending products by boosting their visibility to the top of the list.

Boost Historical Results

Leverage consumer insights by boosting products previously viewed by each visitor.

Boost the search bar with Natural Language

Customers know what they're looking for, it's time your search bar does too. We've trained our machine with thousands of natural language keywords and millions of products. A feature like no other.

Drive better conversions with Price Based Search

Deliver precise results in any currency for your price sensitive customers. Leverage customer's price preferences for future searches with our consumer intelligence.

Deliver better results with Gender Based Search

Specific searches demand specific results. Simple settings for brilliant results based on gender searches. Set your custom gender based rules for all gender types.

Provide accurate results with Location Based Search

There has been a 200% increase in"near me"searches. If you have a multi-store presence, it's time to serve your customers better with more accurate search results based on their location.

Showcase specific products with Attribute Based Search

Configure your search to work for phrases by any Features or Attributes like color, material, size and more. Add or change custom Attributes to enable your visitors to make specific searches.

Provide unique results with Customised Filters

Enable shoppers to search using custom filters based on your unique business offerings. Add and remove filters with simple configurations.

In-Depth Analytics

Get in depth site search analysis for a detailed examination of your visitor’s search behavior and journey. Enhance the search experience with data analytics.